What’s happening with Health Savings and Flexible Spending accounts in 2020?

Video Overview

Tax expert, Charles Peery, CPA, gives a timely overview on health savings and flexible spending accounts.  Watch the video to learn more key information for these accounts.

Important Figures: Health Savings Accounts

HSAs can bear interest or be invested, growing tax-deferred similar to an IRA. Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax-free, and you can carry over a balance from year to year, allowing the account to grow.

Self-only coverage

Family coverage

Important Figures: Flexible Spending Accounts

FSAs can be funded with $2,750 pretax income in an employer-sponsored account but have limitations on what can be rolled over to the following year based on the employer plan.

Here’s a TIP: if you want to make a contribution to your HSA, it has to be done before April 15th. Contributions to an FSA have to be made and used within a calendar year, or you lose the money.

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