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Don’t be left behind in the fourth industrial revolution. The manufacturers and distributors who are taking advantage of current opportunities are using digital strategies to inform their decisions and improve their customer experience. At ATA, we can help you embrace this revolution and face the challenges with confidence instead of uncertainty.

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The Company was encountering raw material waste, subpar employee productivity, and quality issues due to their paint application personnel not spraying the paint to the vehicles in the appropriate technique.


Worried about their ongoing ability to maintain top quality and customer satisfaction, they reached out to ATA to help solve this operational problem. ATA, along with its digital technology alliance firm, were able to design and develop a state-of-the-art augmented reality paint spraying tool to help train the Company’s personnel in a consistent, effective, and efficient manner.


The impact of this high-tech solution included better inventory management, process optimization, bottom-line improvement, increased employee productivity and engagement, and higher-level customer satisfaction.

ATA’s advisory group continues to provide us with innovative and value-added solutions. We have used them as a strategic partner to help us solve many problems including optimizing our inventory management platform, improving our painting process using augmented reality, and several other digital-related solutions. We highly recommend ATA particularly as companies undergo their own digital transformation to create value for their employees, customers, and enterprise.

-Jamie Richardson, Colormatch

In my capacity as the manufacturing & distribution leader at ATA, coupled with my past national manufacturing & distribution leadership roles at a global accounting, tax, and consulting firm, I continue to see companies struggle with how to invest in and leverage digital technology to help optimize their people, processes, and enterprise value. The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) is upon us, and we at ATA can help our clients confidently and calmly navigate during this period of uncertainty. Also, my experience as a board member of the National Association of Manufacturers has afforded me a unique lens to help strategically advise manufacturers and distributors in all facets.

-Rick Schreiber, Partner and National Advisory Practice Leader

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