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The client started out just renovating homes for investors but soon saw potential for growth. They started to buy and rent properties themselves and buy and flip homes with different investors. As they grew in these other aspects, it became difficult to see how each project was doing. Overhead allocations and different tax treatments for these projects were making it difficult to see which areas were performing well and which ones weren't.


ATA was able to give them real-time performance metrics for their projects and help reduce taxes across different entity selections for each business line.


The change made it easier for investors to be part of the growth.

What Clients Say...

ATA has always had the ability and resources available to meet our continuously growing needs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ATA for many years to come.

-Nick Campbell, Williams Steel

Experience Matters

Any business or individual client wants someone honest, understanding of their financial situation, and someone they can trust to be on their side. Being a team requires mutual input and honest conversations about what has and will happen. It is important for us to have a solid understanding of your business and you as a person to accomplish your goals. We want a winning team for you and, ultimately, that leads to success for all of us.

-Kris Kemp, Partner

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