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As a business owner you are the expert in your field, as ATA is the expert in financial services. We offer customizable services on either a long-term or temporary basis depending on your needs. By ensuring the continuity and accuracy of financial services, businesses can focus on operational needs without neglecting day-to-day financial demands.

What Clients Say...

Almost 20 years ago our company was in need of a CPA that could handle providing our company with monthly accounting services and filing federal income tax returns. I sat down with Mark Downing at ATA, and we mapped out a game plan. As our company has grown, ATA’s accounting team has delivered quality service – on time at a reasonable cost. They were able to tailor their services to accommodate the needs of our business. I am grateful for our business relationship. If your business is in need of a quality accounting services with integrity I would highly recommend ATA.

-Gary Taylor, GAT Investment Company

Experience Matters

Every morning before the workday begins, the first thing I say to myself is, “strive to positively affect every life you touch today.” I try to practice this mentality while working with clients and the businesses they have built from the ground up.

-Jerry Smith, Partner

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