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Many nonprofit clients have challenges with segregation of duties due to budget constraints. This makes having effective controls more challenging and can result in unwanted findings during an audit because often it is not cost-effective to hire a CPA and the necessary bookkeeping staff. One such nonprofit had annual audits performed but did not have the full-time staffing to have the amount of segregation of duties that was desired. They also wanted assistance with general accounting issues as they arose, such as reconciliations and an experienced CPA to assist with financial reporting and more complex transactions or reporting issues.


In this case, we had a diversity of resources including staff with bookkeeping, assurance, and tax experience to accomplish the organization’s accounting needs. To hire staff with all the skills needed would not be cost-effective, so this provided a more cost-effective solution.


The benefit of working with us was that ATA had staff devoted to monthly needs, but also the ability to provide personnel for more complex or advanced issues as they arose without the organization hosting excess overhead all year round. As an added benefit during the pandemic, the client now has more resources working with ATA than they would hiring internally and have less risk of their accounting function dwindling due to illness.

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Their quick response and sound advice always answer our assurance and accounting needs.

-Dan Stanczak, Sigma Alpha Epsilon

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We value our clients' time, and our staff are trained well to make audits swift and seamless. Our team members care about our clients and are passionate about their work. ATA goes above and beyond for clients because we sincerely want the best for them. As a result, we have a solid history of long-term client relationships.

-Cathy Messerly, Partner

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