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Our HR consulting team offers external guidance and assistance to organizations in diverse aspects of human resources, employment issues, compliance, and employment law. We specialize in providing advice and support in executive recruitment, training, performance, compensation, compliance, culture, and change management. With experience across various industries, professions, and company sizes, our HR consultants aim to assist clients in aligning their employees' key performance indicators with the overall strategic goals of the organization.

What Clients Say...

"ATA was instrumental in partnering with the school system, who explained what we wanted to achieve. They created the curriculum based on current trends in Human Resources and local industries using their expertise to deliver information on what future job seekers would find most relevant. They did an excellent job creating the content the school system requested to help our students be successful. We would highly recommend them for your human resources or employment solutions needs."

-Becky Orr, Obion County Schools

Experience Matters

“As a trusted advisor, I believe having an HR consultant is instrumental in guiding businesses to strategically weave people-centric initiatives into the fabric of their organizational plans. My close engagement with clients facilitates the seamless incorporation of human resources practices into their human resource business plans. This deep involvement fosters a collaborative and transparent relationship, which is essential for achieving shared success.”

-Traci Tyler, Director of HR Consulting

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