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In recent years, the State of Tennessee’s Comptroller’s Office required all governmental entities to prepare an internal control document that was much more comprehensive than anything governmental entities had prepared in the past.


A large utility company contacted one of our partners to come in and learn the accounting and internal controls of their organization and prepare the internal control document.


We had the opportunity to sit down with the finance director, the cashiers, accounting personnel, warehouse workers, and many others to learn their organizational structure and processes. Then, we worked with the organization to prepare a document that could be used to not only fulfill their compliance requirements, but to also help identify areas within their organization that might benefit from changes in their operational structure as well additional processes that could be enhanced. The ability to understand and adapt to the needs of various governmental organizations has given us a reputation as a leader in this arena.

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The City of Jackson has been very pleased with the audit services provided by ATA. Every member of the audit team has demonstrated excellent knowledge, the highest professional standards and responsive customer service.

-Bobby Arnold, City of Jackson

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“In 15 years of serving over 60 governmental clients, both big and small, I have seen the environment change tremendously. Through accounting, advisory services and recommendations, we have been able to play a role in planning for the future of cities and towns, and we consider it an honor to be a part of bettering our client’s communities.”

-Matt Wood, Partner


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